Free Online Ruby Programming Course

Ruby’s popularity and usage is growing exponentially with each passing day. Don’t get left behind. Here’s your chance to learn Ruby programming for free, at the comfort of your home and along with an online teacher.

This course is ideal for those of you who want to complement your skill-set with Ruby, but haven’t quite found the time to do so. There would be online lessons, exercises, quizzes and assignments all the way. You are free to ask all your Ruby related doubts, queries and questions and rest assured that they would be answered.

For full details, registration and enrolling in the course, go here.


Ruby Symbols - A Fresh Perspective

Fabio Akita (aka AkitaOnRails), a Rails enthusiast from Brazil talks about Ruby Symbols. His article explains Symbols using Rails’ ActiveRecord and gives us a fresh perspective. A must read.


Advice For Ruby Beginners 1

Satish Talim interviews 13 Ruby experts from around the world to get their views and opinion on the various issues facing a would-be Ruby developer. A must read.

Comments (1) interviewed Arindam on his Survserv, a Rails based real time outbreak detection system, application. Read the interview.


Ola Bini Talks About JRuby

RubyLearning recently caught up with Ola Bini, core JRuby developer at Bangalore, India to get his views on JRuby. In this interview, Ola gives insights for Ruby and Java devlopers for easy adoption of JRuby.

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