Benefits of Using Surveillance Cameras

When talking about the advantage of using an equipment, device or technology it is only obvious that there is going to be a set of disadvantages that accompanies it. But decisions have to be taken by considering the one that outnumbers the other. Because the advantages of surveillance cameras in Adelaide are much more than its disadvantages it has become the numero uno choice in security systems. Domestic, industrial and commercial applications of CCTVs have revolutionised the field of security management that has now become more effective in preventing criminal activities. It has also given industries and commercial establishments the much needed assistance in improving productivity and enforcing discipline at workplace. The scope of supervision has been stretched to the maximum by using CCTV cameras that have invaded every nook and corner of the world. In course of time the technology has become more affordable and this has contributed to its widespread use that comes with multiple benefits.

Crime deterrent

The presence of surveillance cameras is let known to people through signages when it is installed at public places. The purpose of making people aware about its presence is to tell miscreants that they would get caught red handed should they indulge in any mischief. And this works positively to a great extent as incidences of crime and unlawful activities have been cut down drastically. The presence of surveillance cameras are intimidating enough for trouble makers who know that chances of escaping the eyes of cameras is just not possible and refrain from playing truant, thereby preventing the occurrence of crime.

Nab the suspect

Since surveillance cameras are accompanied by recording systems it makes easier to track and nab suspected trouble makers by reviewing the video footage of the recordings. Criminal investigation has now become more effective due to the use of surveillance cameras. Preventive action about impending crimes can also be taken by analysing the video recordings of suspicious activities that usually precede any planned criminal activity.

Evidence building

The technology of surveillance cameras has provision for video as well as audio recording thereby making it a great tool for gathering evidence. The happenings are recorded just like it is done in a movie leaving very little to imagination. What is seen has to be believed and this makes the investigations much more concrete and conclusive. Accounts of eye witnesses are duly supplemented by the evidence of video recordings of the cameras.

Fair settlement of disputes

Disputes at workplace or any other place can be settled with complete fairness by taking into account what the cameras have recorded. Facts are revealed without any distortion and all doubts are laid to rest as it could not have happened if one had to depend on other sources of gathering information.

Improve productivity

Better control at workplace can be achieved by monitoring the activities of employees with the help of surveillance cameras in offices, shops and other places of work.  Workers who tend to waste time or adopt wrong work practices are easily identified and their ways can be mended to bring about improvement in productivity.

Discovering the Versatility of Intercom Systems

Uninterrupted flow of information is essential to ensure that information can be relayed on time so that it does not lose its importance. Timely communication is particularly important for security systems and intercoms being a part of it, plays a vital role. Although intercom systems in Adelaide were primarily meant to perform the functions of a telephone, its role and functions have been expanded ever since the time it was hooked to the entire security system. Intercoms can now be connected to the video surveillance system to make it work more effectively by utilising the advanced features. Premises can be made safer by giving selective access to unknown visitors by making use of the in-house communication system of which the intercom is a major component.  Intercom communication costs being cheaper than using mobile phones, it is still in demand for setting up a communication network within the premises.

Intercom Systems

Making it a part of the security system

Video surveillance which is a major security activity can be enhanced to a great extent if the intercom system is hooked to it. If a visitor at the door speaks to you on the intercom seeking entry and you want to have a close look at the person before taking a decision whether to accept or decline the request, you can make adjustments in the surveillance camera settings so as to activate the zoom, tilt and pan actions to get a better view by taking advantage of the integration of the intercom system with the video surveillance system. An IP based video surveillance system would enable the video recording to be circulated on the internet so that it can be accessed from any remote point thereby eliminating the need to have people deployed at the entry points for monitoring movements.

Manpower reduction

The facility of using the integrated intercom system together with the security system can be taken much forward by capitalising on the mobile phone technology. The security personnel need not be stationed at the entry points anymore. They can be on the move to enhance vigilance while communicating on the mobile phones to exchange information and use the intercom system to allow access to visitors from a remote point. The saving in time and resources generate cost savings and enhances operating efficiencies.

Public Address system

The intercom can double up as a public address system when hooked to it. This is particularly useful in large factories and commercial establishments where it might be necessary to make important and urgent announcements that has to reach all people inside the premises regardless of their location. In case of emergencies like fire, the call for evacuation and giving necessary instructions to people for providing safe passage can be relayed through the intercom and heard over the public address system.

The nurse station in hospitals makes extensive use of intercoms to maintain the quality of their services by responding on time to patient calls. The intercom underlines the importance of timely communication that can   save lives and assets.


Caring for Home Security Systems

When we talk about home security systems, the first thing that comes to mind is thwarting the intrusion of burglars. It seems we pay too much attention to the human elements of threat to security despite knowing that there are many other extraneous factors that can cause harm to life and assets. Seldom have we paid attention to household fixtures and fittings like doors, windows, gas detectors and smoke detectors that can also form part of the overall security system.  It is therefore important not only to install the best home security systems but also to be alert and agile in maintenance of the devices so as to ensure that it functions well during crisis.

Home Security Systems

Right location

It is not enough to get the best device for home security unless it is installed in the right way and at the correct location.  Carbon Monoxide which is an odourless and colourless gas that is generated as a result of burning a flame can be life threatening if inhaled. This is the reason that many homes install Carbon Monoxide detectors. In order to make the device work satisfactorily, the detectors have to be placed in a low humid area and at least 20 feet away from any appliances that burn fuel. This means it has to be at a fair distance away from kitchens and bathrooms. The batteries also have to be checked regularly.

Maintain the smoke detectors

Keep the smoke detectors under close watch by regular maintenance and periodical testing as it is continuously working in order to filter the air inside the home. Check the batteries periodically instead of relying on the alert sound that indicates low battery. Replace smoke detectors after every ten years, which is its recommended life.

Check windows

Windows are vulnerable places and should have proper locking arrangements to prevent any break in by intruders. But at the same time, all windows in your home should be easy to close and open so that in case of fire or other emergencies it can be used as an escape route.  Periodical checking of windows is necessary to ensure that it functions properly. Pay special attention to windows at lower levels like the basement and ground floor as the risk of breaking in through windows reduces at elevated heights.

Check door locks

Have a close watch on the doors to ensure that the bolts and latches are in order, especially the strike plate, which is the metal fitting that houses bolts and latches. Check that the screws of the plate are fixed tightly and are of the right size. Deadbolts are mandatory for all external doors including garage doors.

Keep the alarm systems clean

The sensors of the alarm systems can malfunction due to accumulation of dust and dirt. Clean it with a soft dry cloth periodically and check the system at least once in a month. This can be done by the servicing company that maintains the system.

Only proper care and maintenance can make home security systems infallible.

Explore the Versatility of Home Alarm Systems

If you thought that home alarm systems in Adelaide are only meant to protect you and your home from burglary then it seems you have not updated your knowledge about home security systems.  Home protection is the primary objective of any security system but nowadays, security systems come with such amazing features that by being a little imaginative, it can be put to different kinds of other uses that increase the safety of the inmates. The alarm system can be used in many innovative ways that helps you get more value from the system than what you could expect. The versatility of these security systems not only keeps your home safe from burglars but also takes care of the safety of your family by keeping an eye on the movement of the family members, especially the kids.

Track movements of people at home

The entry sensors placed at doors and windows detect any breakthrough made across the locations.  These are thus located on doors and windows that are vulnerable to burglars and intruders. But suppose you want to monitor the movement of your toddler who tends to stray to the swimming pool in the back yard when you are busy in the kitchen, what could you do? Simply place the sensor on the door that leads to the poolside. Any door opening would be acknowledged by the sound of a chime or siren and you can even get an alert on your mobile phone.  Kids trespassing into other prohibited areas like the area under the sink or the medicine cabinet can be monitored similarly .You get ample opportunity to prevent any untoward incident from happening.

Get alert to control kids

It is now easy to keep tabs on your kid’s movements by using the technology to your advantage. The sensors can alert you when kids move into zones where they are not supposed to tread. Whether it is reaching out for the liquor cabinet or trying to be adventurous in waking up at night to move around the house. The sensors placed at strategic locations would send alert messages to your phone whenever the door opens. You can be in complete control of your kid’s movements inside the house.

All at home

At the end of the day if you want to know if all family members are back home, you can use the home security system to let you know about it. The information will be flashed on your mobile phone, so even if you are far away from home, you are still in control. This is achieved by allocating personal identification numbers (PIN) to all family members who have to enter the PIN as they enter home. This is an excellent option to monitor the movements of teenagers that have become very essential today.

Home security systems can be quite expensive but using it for the welfare of your family would give more return on the investment than you would have expected. Only you need to know your prerogative and use the device with right discretion to get the best results.

Security Systems Get Strengthened by Installing CCTV Cameras

Depending on the human capabilities in matters of safety and security has its own limitations, hence the need of using technology to enhance the systems so that it can be better managed. It is not that technology can substitute human abilities that are required in safety and security management but it enhances the human efficiency by providing additional support round the clock. The inputs received from these systems are used to analyse and understand things in a better way so as to encounter the threats to security more effectively. CCTV cameras in Adelaide are one such gadget that has now become an integral part of home security systems as well as public security systems.

Why use video surveillance systems

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV cameras are the flag bearers of the video surveillance system that keeps an eye on whatever is happening in the surroundings in the most authentic manner and keeps on displaying and recording continuously whatever it captures, for future use. The cameras are installed at strategic points in homes, offices, shops, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, on roads and sub ways and wherever the need of continuous surveillance is felt and keep on beaming images on television screens that are located at various control stations from where security monitoring is done. The cameras are silent observers that are positioned far away from public reach so as to protect it from damage. Using CCTV cameras would mean acquiring additional sets of eyes that augments human capabilities of surveillance to give it more cutting edges in ensuring better security cover.

Types of CCTV cameras

Dome, bullet and C- Mount CCTV cameras are commonly used along with Night vision cameras, day/ night cameras, IP cameras, high definition cameras and wireless cameras.

  • Dome camera – The camera is housed in a dome-shaped enclosure that is mounted on the ceiling of indoor installations and covers a range of 180 degrees providing unobstructed view of everything that catches its eyes.
  • Bullet camera – This cylindrical shaped camera can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall and is ideal for long distance viewing by pointing towards a particular area. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Cameras that are used outdoor often have protective enclosures.
  • Night vision/ Infra Red camera – This type of camera is used at places where images have to be captured in total darkness, by using infra red technology.
  • Day/Night cameras – Capturing images in very low light is possible by using this type of cameras and it can also operate under normal light conditions. This is exclusively used for outdoor applications.
  • C-Mount camera – This camera has detachable lenses that enable it to capture long distance images beyond 40 feet, which is the maximum range of any other CCTV camera.
  • HD camera – This high definition camera is equipped with high power zoom that gives superior clarity to images.

Think about how best you can make use of the technological vigilance to enhance security that can give you complete peace of mind.